Students throwing their graduation hats into the air.

29 October, 2018

A Great Promotional Bag Students Will Surely Love

Are you having a school caravan for the promotion of your brand? Great! We’re glad that you stumbled upon our page because we got an awesome giveaway idea which would help you with your advertising and at the same time would have a great benefit to anyone receiving it!

School caravan is an excellent step for brand marketing because you’re automatically sharing your industry in a large group. To make your promotions more effective, it is necessary that you use tools which can help you. Our calico library bags are the perfect gift giveaways students can surely use for school. These bags are economical and high quality because they are finished in 140gsm 100% cotton material with two long handles. They can carry up to 5 to 7kgs so that it may be the books or other stationeries.

One of the best things about our bags is their power to promote your brand. You may wish to customise the bag by screen printing your company name or logo on it with beautiful artwork to make it more appealing.

Order it in bulk, so that you can distribute it to more potential clients and customers!

The Promotional Bags Team