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Edie Sparkle Shopping Bag
Custom Edie Sparkle Shopping Bags add a lavish look to your promotion.
from $7.79 to $5.72 ea
150 min qty
Elaini Sparkle Carry Bag
Elevate your brand image with Customised Elaini Sparkle Carry Bags.
from $8.00 to $5.97 ea
150 min qty
Cosima Sparkle Non Woven Bag
Upmarket boutiques need Custom Cosima Sparkle Non Woven Bags.
from $8.62 to $6.47 ea
150 min qty
Aurora Sparkle Carry Bag
Promotional Aurora Sparkle Carry Bags are perfect for glitzy affairs.
from $8.93 to $7.43 ea
150 min qty
Elvis Sparkle
Carry your things with ease and confidence with these promotional Elvis Sparkle Bags.
from $9.14 to $7.23 ea
150 min qty
Elm Sparkle
Elm Sparkle Bags make an excellent promotional tool for grocery stores, schools, hospitals, and clothing shops.
from $9.28 to $7.26 ea
150 min qty
Carlos  Sparkle
Promotional Carlos Sparkle Tote Bags are sure to turn heads at any trade show or event.
from $9.39 to $7.46 ea
150 min qty
Dublin Sparkle Carry Bag
Printed Dublin Sparkle Carry Bags are the blingy in-thing!
from $9.47 to $7.38 ea
150 min qty
Sanchez Sparkle
Branded Sanchez Sparkle Bags have a perfect size for holding groceries, beach towels, footwear, and more.
from $9.54 to $7.61 ea
150 min qty
Finsbury Sparkle
Stand out from the crowd with these Finsbury Sparkle Bags that can be custom branded with sparkling design.
from $9.63 to $7.69 ea
150 min qty
Exeter Sparkle
Personalised Exeter Sparkle Tote Bags are lightweight yet strong bags, offered at a fantastic price.
from $9.87 to $7.82 ea
150 min qty
Harlington Sparkle
Harlington Sparkle Bags are a great bag to showcase your customised logo or design.
from $10.03 to $8.05 ea
150 min qty
Rodrigo Sparkle
Gain more exposure by giving way these Rodrigo Sparkle Tote Bags with your personalised details.
from $10.08 to $8.31 ea
150 min qty
Carmen Sparkle
Customised Carmen Sparkle Bags are perfect for environmentally-conscious individuals.
from $10.34 to $8.28 ea
150 min qty
Bancroft Sparkle
Custom Bancroft Sparkle Drawstring Bags are a simple yet useful bags that your customers will love.
from $10.64 to $8.71 ea
150 min qty
Hounslow Sparkle
Personalised Hounslow Sparkle Bags are made of 80gsm premium non-woven PP and have one huge compartment.
from $10.71 to $8.72 ea
150 min qty
Charlton Sparkle
Custom Charlton Sparkle Bags are the bag of choice for shoppers, fashionistas, and environmental advocates.
from $10.77 to $8.45 ea
150 min qty
Couture Sparkle Non Woven Bag
Swanky hotels can use Printed Couture Sparkle Non Woven Bags to show off their brand name.
from $11.03 to $8.72 ea
150 min qty
Crayford Sparkle
Crayford Sparkle Bags are the perfect bags for your next shopping adventure or promotional gatherings.
from $11.11 to $8.79 ea
150 min qty
Hudson Sparkle
Hudson Sparkle Drawstring Bags utilise metallic coloured dots that make your personalised logo or artwork shine.
from $11.33 to $9.75 ea
150 min qty
Demeter Sparkle Tote Bag
Personalised Demeter Sparkle Tote Bags are ideal for ladies hair salons.
from $12.20 to $10.59 ea
150 min qty
Thermal Sparkle Lunch Bag
Personalised Thermal Sparkle Lunch Bags are in a league of their own.
from $12.87 to $11.08 ea
150 min qty
Dido Sparkle Carry Bag
Promotional Dido Sparkle Carry Bags show off your logo with a sparkle.
from $13.21 to $11.49 ea
150 min qty
Adelaide Sparkle Tote Bag
Personalised Adelaide Sparkle Tote Bags are designed to grab attention!
from $13.28 to $11.70 ea
150 min qty
Woodside Sparkle
Contribute to the protection of the environment by using our custom Woodside Sparkle Tote Bags.
from $13.56 to $12.04 ea
150 min qty
Cirius Sparkle
Personalised Cirius Sparkle Bags are multipurpose bags, which are lightweight yet strong enough to carry plenty of supplies.
from $14.26 to $12.41 ea
150 min qty
Coral Sparkle Carry Bag
Lunch time becomes advertising time with Promotional Coral Sparkle Carry Bags.
from $14.77 to $12.83 ea
150 min qty
Berkley Sparkle
Berkley Sparkle Tote Bags are a beautiful branded bag, offered at a beautiful price.
from $15.99 to $14.04 ea
150 min qty

Printed Sparkle Bags are promotional bags with style! A savvy marketing tool, they can be used to send gifts to your clients, market a product in-store or to give away at trade shows and exhibitions. They have a number of purposes, and with several styles on our website, you are sure to find the best size, colour and style to suit your company needs.

Whether you’re searching for an eco-friendly alternative to a plastic bag for your supermarket or wholefoods store, want a chic tote for overnight travel or a funky bottle holder for a corporate gift, we have them all! Our printed bags are popular with a range of companies who wish to treat their customers to a practical gift, from travel agents and hotels to fitness centres and wineries.

Most of our bags are made from non-woven materials and come in a selection of colours to match your brand identity. They can also be customised with sparkle print on the front or back, or in some cases both sides! They are durable, reliable and many are reinforced at the base to carry heavier weights. If you’re conscious about the environment, you’ll also find some of our printed bags are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable – a perfect option for charities and supermarkets, plus your customers will love it!

Our promotional bags can be ordered in quantities to suit the size of your marketing campaign. You can choose from 150 units for smaller campaigns up to 5000 sparkle bags or more for global marketing promotions. So, whether you’re hosting a charity event and want to get your message across to a wider audience, or you’re a supermarket wanting to cut down on plastic bag usage, we have something to suit your needs.