How To Keep Your Members Organised With These

Do you own a gym, golfing range or anything involved with sport? At promotional bags we supply a wide range of sport bags for all sporting occasions.

Our duffle bag with handle is a great sporting bag that features a velcro front pocket with a handy carry handle for easy use. Our bags can fit towels, balls, clothes, toiletries, drink bottle and anything else that is gym worthy. They are great to use when your members go to the gym, golf course or sporting competitions.

The best part about our duffle bags is that you can imprint your company name and logo, fitting perfectly on the front, promoting your brand directly. You can use these bags as giveaways to clients that have signed up for a membership or have joined the team. Its a great way to advertise your brand publicly as it grabs clients attention.

22 May, 2015

The Promotional Bags Team