The Difference Between Plastic & Paper Bags

“Manufacturers have long chosen plastic for their products on the basis of price and functionality, but creating a more sustainable relationship with plastics will require a new dexterity on our part. It will require us to think about the entire life cycle of the products we create and use.” - Susan Freinkel

Going out for your weekly shopping means ending up with a dozen plastic bags. Though this may be the case nowadays, in the near future, plastic bags are likely to vanish from stores around your community. But why? Plastic bags weigh down the economy, imprint a great amount of carbon on the environment, and expands the costs for many small businesses and consumers around Australia.

Plastic bags seem to be an easier option for many companies because they are

  • cheap
  • simple
  • practical
  • handy
However, paper bags can do the same, but the key difference between the two is

Plastic bags

  • remain to be toxic to the environment, even after they’re broken down
  • 100 billion plastic are put to waste
  • 12 million barrels of oil is needed for the make process
  • 10% of plastic produced every year winds up in the ocean
  • costs retailers $4 billion a year to provide plastic bags yearly
  • only 1% is recycled

Paper bags

  • can decompose more easily than plastic
  • they are recycled more often than plastic bags are
  • highly recyclable
  • biodegradable
  • inexpensive
  • doesn't cause harm to the environment

Unlike plastic bags, paper bags won't rip as easily or give you sore fingers when carrying your items. Businesses should now provide their consumers with paper bags rather than plastic bags. Our ‘white custom paper bags’ are excellent paper bags your company must have! These paper bags are

  • 330mm(w) x 400mm(h) x 150mm(d)
  • cost-effective
  • efficient
  • recyclable
Plus, these ‘white custom paper bags’ can be printed with your corporate identity. So don’t wait it out any longer, start a better future for the environment - order in bulk units today.

white custom paper bags


23 July, 2015

The Promotional Bags Team