Eco Bags | Australia's Choice | With Over 100+ Enviro Friendly Bags

Promotional Bags is a premium supplier of eco friendly bags in Australia. We offer a huge range, over 100 of enviro bags including screen printed cotton, short handle calico, long handle shopping bags, non-woven, polypropylene PET, tote, reusable satchels and more. All our eco bags can be screen printed with your logo.

We offer one of Australia’s best ranges and all our enviro bags are fully priced on the website, so please begin your selection by clicking on the categories from the menu.

Just a few of our best selling Promotional Products in Enviro Bags

Promotional Cotton Carry Bag
Promotional Cotton Carry Bags with two long handles
from $4.58 to $2.64 ea
100 min qty
Printed Cotton Bag
Printed Cotton Bags are always popular promotional advertising items
from $3.57 to $2.21 ea
100 min qty
Cheap Non Woven Bags
Short Handle Non Woven Bags in choice of navy blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, black or red
from $2.39 to $1.49 ea
100 min qty
Conference Jute Canvas Bag
Conference Jute Canvas Bags can be fully customized with a screen printed corporate logo to advertise your business
from $23.12 to $17.08 ea
50 min qty
Enviro Friendly Contrast Jute
Enviro Friendly Contrast Jutes have a cotton front pocket and strong handles that are excellent promo gift items
from $10.08 to $6.91 ea
50 min qty
Material Jute Tote Bag
Material Jute Tote Baggage can be screen printed with your brand identity onto the durable fabric and used as giveaway gifts
from $7.56 to $4.95 ea
50 min qty
Biodegradable Tote Bag
Biodegradable Tote Bags are environmentally friendly bamboo products, ideal to promote your company.
from $4.41 to $2.80 ea
100 min qty
PET Document Bag
Business Document Bags are perfect for custom branding.
from $12.90 to $7.76 ea
25 min qty
Weekend Carry Bag
Weekend Carry Bags have great features.
from $14.55 to $9.11 ea
25 min qty
Economical Carry Bag
Economical Carry Bags have a zippered front compartment.
from $12.48 to $6.75 ea
25 min qty
Handled Shopper Bag
Handled Shopper Bags are gloss paper shopping bags
from $3.68 to $2.29 ea
150 min qty
Paper Shopper Bag
Paper Shopper Bags are printed with foil hot stamping
from $3.84 to $2.56 ea
150 min qty
Small Paper Shopper Bag
Small Paper Shopper Bags are manufactured from glossy paper
from $3.84 to $1.83 ea
100 min qty
White Retail Paper Bag
White Retail Paper Bags use foil hot stamp imprinting for your logo
from $3.58 to $2.17 ea
150 min qty
Layla Shopper Bag
Layla Paper Shopper Bags will showcase your logo in a metallic finish
from $3.78 to $2.38 ea
150 min qty
Tote Bag with Bottom Stiffener
Tote Bags with Bottom Stiffeners feature a hanging loop.
from $11.27 to $6.89 ea
100 min qty
Trace Coloured Bag
Trace Coloured Bags features zigzag stitching, die cut handle and sized 35cm x 40cm
from $4.98 to $3.65 ea
50 min qty
Lush Bamboo Tote Bag
Lush Bamboo Tote Bags have sustainable and biodegradable properties.
from $7.74 to $5.52 ea
100 min qty

Creative Promotional Gift Ideas

These gifts ideas are great environmentally friendly promotional tools to use to promote your business. The appeal of these excellent eco friendly bags, whether they be our excellent calico, non woven bags, eco coolers or backpacks which are made from enviro PET material, is the fact they are sure to impress with their convenient and practical nature, enhancing your corporate image as one that is environmentally concerned. You will be unlikely to find such an extensive range of eco-friendly promotional bags at another site!

At Promotional Bags, not only do we supply a huge range of eco and many other styles of environmentally friendly products and printed gifts, but Promotional Bags is one of a family of corporate gifts sites that come under our flagship company PromotionsOnly. If you need other merchandise besides printed enviro bags, you can visit our parent website where you’ll find a huge range of promotional products besides printed bags and cotton bags at this website, all ready to be printed with your corporate logo or message. Choosing the right product for your next conference or promotional event couldn’t be easier with our eco bags and gifts all divided into different categories, so you can make an informed choice of product for your next bag promotion.