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Are you looking for a great idea for a corporate giveaway day? Our wide range of printed tote bags, are just the thing for your next tradeshow or conference. Featuring drawstring features, handles, pouches and Velcro fasteners these great value for money custom tote bags are an ideal corporate gift idea.

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V Shape Non Woven Bag
V Shape Non Woven Bags are an environmentally friendly choice for conference or trade shows
Cheap Calico Bags
Cheap Calico Bags are excellent promotional items with an eco friendly theme that can be custom screen printed
Cheap Non Woven Bags
Short Handle Non Woven Bags in choice of navy blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, black or red
Non Woven Shoulder Bag
Non Woven Shoulder Bags with a single wide long strap have press studs to close the top and make ideal trade show baggage
Calico Library Bag
Calico Library Bags for all your school books have double handles so they can be carried as shoulder totes
Non Woven Conference Bag
Non Woven Conference Bags perfect for an eco friendly choice in promotional items with nine colour choices
Enviro Friendly Gift Bag
Enviro-Friendly Gift Bags are made from non-woven material.
PP Non Woven Bag
PP Non Woven Bags with stylish metal eyelets are an upmarket promotional eco friendly reusable item
Long Handle Calico Bag
Long Handle Calico Bags suitable for slinging over your shoulder
Printed Cotton Bag
Printed Cotton Bags are always popular promotional advertising items
Enviro Short Handle Bag
Enviro Short Handle Bags made cotton calico are quality promotional bags ideal for conferences
Promotional Cotton Carry Bag
Promotional Cotton Carry Bags with two long handles
Multi Colour Tote Bag
Multi-Colour Tote Bags are ideal for everyday use.
Wave Tote Bag
Recycled Tote Bags are an enviro-friendly must have.
Cotton Canvas Tote
Cotton Canvas Totes feature matching handles.
Genesis Carry Bag
Genesis Carry Bags are superior quality made in a soft textured polypropylene.
Economical Tote Bag
Economical Tote Bags are compact promotional giveaway baggage
Metal D-Ring Tote Bag
Metal D-Ring Tote Bags feature a bottom colour bar.
Calico Library Back Pack
Calico Library Back Packs with cotton rope drawstrings are good for promotional use
Tote Bag with Handles
Tote Bag with Handles feature a three-tone angled design.
Quality Tote Bag
Quality Tote Bags have a budget price tag.
Weekend Tote Bag
Weekend Tote Bags have two carry handles.
Reusable Shopping Bag
Reusable Shopping Bags are an enviro-friendly must have.
Angled Design Tote Bag
Angled Design Tote Bags are available in a range of co-ordinating colours.
Lightweight Tote Bag
Lightweight Tote Bags are economical and have a sports design.
Short Handle Calico Bags
Short Handle Calico Bags made from 100% cotton material in natural colour and a 10cm gusset for larger capacity
Folding Shopping Bag
Folding Shopping Bags include O-shaped handles
Jute Book Bag
Jute Book Bags are excellent alternatives to plastic bags and can be custom printed with your brand identity
Tote Bag with Pen Holder
Tote Bag with Pen Holders are ideal for university students.
Tote Promotional Bag
Tote Promotional Bags with handles are great for shopping
Outdoors Non Woven Bag
Outdoors Non Woven Bags feature extra long handles.
Kirby Tote Bag
Kirby Tote Bags are fashionable and stylish made with a soft textured polypropylene.
Jazz Tote Bag
Jazz Tote Bags can be ordered in three different colours.
Canvas Tote Bag
Canvas Tote Bags are economical promotional products.
Jute Shoulder Bag
Jute Shoulder Bags are perfect for carrying any item and the long handle makes it comfortable to carry over your shoulder
Non Woven Student Bag
Non-Woven Student Bags feature long handles.
Stitched Seam Tote Bag
Stitched Seam Tote Bags are great fun cotton carry bags.
Lightweight Baseball Tote Bag
Lightweight Baseball Tote Bags are made from 80 GSM non-woven polypropylene.
Compact Soccer Tote Bag
Compact Soccer Tote Bags have long handles making them easy to carry
Reusable Shopping Tote
Re-usable Shopping Totes feature a laminated finish.
Jute Long Handle Carry Bag
Jute Long Handle Carry Bags are perfect for promoting your company in a eco friendly way
Large Shopping Tote
Large Shopping Totes are ideal for the beach.
Convenient Shopping Bag
Convenient Shopping Bags are also ideal for the beach or study.
Leisure Look Canvas Bag
Leisure Look Canvas Bags are ideal for the weekends.
Zen Promotional Tote Bag
Zen Promotional Tote Bags can be personalised.
Strap Handle Tote Bag
Strap Handle Tote Bags feature a four pocket accessory organiser.
Enviro Friendly Bag
Enviro Friendly Bags are environmentally friendly and come in a range of colours, perfect for marketing your brand
115gsm Laminated Tote
115gsm Laminated Totes are available in a black sheen.
Corporate Convention Tote
Corporate Convention Totes are available in four colours
Long Jute Handle Promo Bag
Long Jute Handle Promo Bags are brilliantly designed promotional bags that are safe for the environment
Black Canvas Tote Bag
Black Canvas Tote Bags are made from 100% cotton.
Foldable Shopping Tote Bag
Foldable Shopping Tote Bags are quality promo baggage
Banana Tote Bag
Banana Tote Bags are great promotional giveaway baggage
Pouch Tote with a Belt Clip
Pouch Tote with a Belt Clip make a useful quality tote bag.
Jute Supermarket Bag
Jute Supermarket Bags are perfect for the grocery store and can be re-used over and over again
Shiny Finish Tote Bag
Shiny Finish Tote Bags are made from 115gsm laminated PP.
All Natural Tote Bag
All Natural Tote Bags are made from 8oz cotton.
Material Jute Tote Bag
Material Jute Tote Baggage can be screen printed with your brand identity onto the durable fabric and used as giveaway gifts
Pocket Tote Bag
Pocket Tote Bags can be folded up when not in use.
Urban Tote Bag
Urban Tote Bags come in your choice of three great colours.
Promo Black Jute Bag
Promo Black Jute Bags are excellent corporate carry baggage that can be printed with your company name and logo
Coloured Tote Bag
Coloured Tote Baggage are available in three colours pink, black or blue
Galaxy Carry Bag
Galaxy Carry Bags are made from 600D polyester material
Skye Tote Bag
Skye Tote Bags are durable and lightweight.
Colourful Beach Tote
Colourful Beach Totes are the classy pool bags that make thoughtful marketing gifts to be handed out at promotional events
Oasis Tote Bag
Oasis Tote Bags are a popular promotional product.
Outdoor Tote Bag
Outdoor Tote Bags are made in colourful sustainable cotton canvas.
County Tote Bag
County Tote Bags are top quality promotional products.
Enviro Friendly Contrast Jute
Enviro Friendly Contrast Jutes have a cotton front pocket and strong handles that are excellent promo gift items
Expo Tote Bag
Expo Tote Bags are excellent for any of your outdoor activities.
Custom Print Tote
Custom Print Totes come with a front pocket and velcro tab closure
Shoulder Tote Bag
Shoulder Tote Baggage with adjustable shoulder strap are ideal customised business tote bags for promotional giveaways
Natural Six Bottle Carry Bag
Natural Six Bottle Carry Bags can be printed with natural vegetable dye to print your company information
Contemporary Tote Bag
Contemporary Tote Bags include lengthy carry handles
Natural Canvas Carry Bag
Natural Canvas Carry Bags are made from a durable canvas material
6 Bottle Jute Wine Bag
6 Bottle Jute Wine Bags can be combined with wine bottles to make a wonderful promo gift
Printed Tote Bag
Printed Tote Bags are stylish and attractive that can be custom imprinted to suit your needs
Eco Organic Cotton Tote Bag
Eco Organic Cotton Tote Baggage with large main compartment
Conference Eco Tote Bag
Conference Eco Tote Baggage are premium quality items that make excellent branded corporate merchandise
Promotional Tote Bag
Promotional Tote Bags are great custom promotional gift giveaway items at a discount price
Travel Tote Bag
Travel Totes are economical and useful leisure baggage
Quality Business Shoulder Bag
Quality Business Shoulder Bags are easily customized and come in a choice of five colour options
Cotton Canvas Tote Bag
Cotton Canvas Tote Bags are perfect for taking to the grocery store
Custom Tote Bag
Custom Tote Bags can be given away at trade shows or conventions
14oz Cotton Tote
14oz Cotton Totes feature a cotton gusset.
Classic Mesh Tote Bag
Classic Mesh Totes make an attractive and high quality promotional giveaway item.
Colourful Yacht Bag
Colourful Yacht Bags are easy to spot clean and air dry

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