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The best range of promotional non-woven bags delivered Australia wide. We have a huge range of fabulous colours including orange, green and black non woven bags. Eco friendly promotional products are becoming more important to many of our clients and for promotional non woven bags our selection are our biggest current seller. Every business wants to be seen as making a difference and with our non woven bags they are making a positive statement about the environment.

All Our Promotional Merchandise in Non Woven Bags

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Reinforced Gift Bag
Reinforced Gift Bags feature a bottom gusset.
Gift Bag with Gusset
Gift Bags with Gusset feature double thick self handles.
Small Conference Bag
Small Conference Bags made from non woven material are cheap promotional bags to have custom printed
V Shape Non Woven Bag
V Shape Non Woven Bags are an environmentally friendly choice for conference or trade shows
Cheap Non Woven Bags
Short Handle Non Woven Bags in choice of navy blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, black or red
Oaks Tote Bag
Oaks Tote Bags won't break your budget.
Non Woven Shoulder Bag
Non Woven Shoulder Bags with a single wide long strap have press studs to close the top and make ideal trade show baggage
Non Woven Conference Bag
Non Woven Conference Bags perfect for an eco friendly choice in promotional items with nine colour choices
Enviro Friendly Gift Bag
Enviro-Friendly Gift Bags are made from non-woven material.
Edie Carry Bag
Edie Carry Bags include die cut handles
Conference Enviro Friendly Bag
Enviro Friendly Bags ideal for conferences with 10cm gusset and good sized compartment for papers and catalogues
Promotional Shopping Bag
Promotional Shopping Bags in black, navy blue, royal blue, green and red made from non woven fabric material
PP Non Woven Bag
PP Non Woven Bags with stylish metal eyelets are an upmarket promotional eco friendly reusable item
Elaini Non Woven Bag
Elaini Non Woven Bags are made from recycled material
Trendy Tote Bag
Trendy Tote Bags are bright and colourful.
Lace Up Top Shopping Bag
Lace Up Top Shopping Bags also make ideal beach or bbqs items
Polypropylene Tote Bag
Polypropylene Tote Bags are environmentally friendly.
Cosima Tote Bag
Cosima Tote Bags can be custom printed with your business information
Fiesta Document Bag
Promotional Fiesta Document Bags are made with an 80gsm non woven material.
Multi Colour Tote Bag
Multi-Colour Tote Bags are ideal for everyday use.
Wave Tote Bag
Recycled Tote Bags are an enviro-friendly must have.
Enviro Carry Pack
Enviro Carry Packs incorporate style with practicality, this only aids its ease into promotional tool for you and your organization
Top Stitch Gift Bag
Top Stitch Gift Bags are available in ten colours.
Aurora Non Woven Bag
Aurora Non Woven Bags can be personalized with your business info
Document Carry Bag
Document Carry Bags are great to use when traveling.
Enviro Over the Shoulder Pack
Enviro Over-the-Shoulder Pack can be used for work or school and the perfect opportunity for a promotional aid
Dual Carry Bag
Dual Carry Bags are available in your choice of blue or black.
Dublin Non Woven Bag
Dublin Non Woven Bags feature 457mm handles
Genesis Carry Bag
Genesis Carry Bags are superior quality made in a soft textured polypropylene.
Pocket Beach Bag
Pocket Beach Bags can be used for work, shopping or a day at the beach. A great promotional giveaway idea.
Metal D-Ring Tote Bag
Metal D-Ring Tote Bags feature a bottom colour bar.
Tote Bag with Handles
Tote Bag with Handles feature a three-tone angled design.
Manhattan Tote Bag
Manhattan Tote Bags are available in your choice of black, blue, green or red.
Weekend Tote Bag
Weekend Tote Bags have two carry handles.
Reusable Shopping Bag
Reusable Shopping Bags are an enviro-friendly must have.
Angled Design Tote Bag
Angled Design Tote Bags are available in a range of co-ordinating colours.
Lightweight Tote Bag
Lightweight Tote Bags are economical and have a sports design.
Reese Carry Bag
Reese Carry Bags are made with a non woven fabric.
Budget Satchel
Budget Satchels can be customized.
Exhibition Shoulder Bag
Exhibition Shoulder Bags are exciting promo shoulder satchels
Perry Tote Bag
Perry Tote Bags are available with either black, blue or white trim.
Laminated Shopping Bag
Laminated Shopping Bags feature 457mm handles
Rainbow Polypropylene Tote Bag
Rainbow Polypropylene Tote Bags feature a rainbow striped pattern on the sides
Tote Bag with Pen Holder
Tote Bag with Pen Holders are ideal for university students.
Couture Tote Bag
Couture Tote Bags include an optional plastic insert
Ariel Carry Bag
Ariel Carry Bags include 635mm handles
Outdoors Non Woven Bag
Outdoors Non Woven Bags feature extra long handles.
Kirby Tote Bag
Kirby Tote Bags are fashionable and stylish made with a soft textured polypropylene.
Non Woven Student Bag
Non-Woven Student Bags feature long handles.
Polypropylene Bag
Polypropylene Bags are styled with a front pocket and 50cm long handles
Lightweight Baseball Tote Bag
Lightweight Baseball Tote Bags are made from 80 GSM non-woven polypropylene.
Compact Soccer Tote Bag
Compact Soccer Tote Bags have long handles making them easy to carry
Reusable Shopping Tote
Re-usable Shopping Totes feature a laminated finish.
Sporting Backsack
Sporting Backpacks are available in four great colours.
Short Handle Tote Bag
Short Handle Tote Bags feature a secure snap closure.
Large Shopping Tote
Large Shopping Totes are ideal for the beach.
Convenient Shopping Bag
Convenient Shopping Bags are also ideal for the beach or study.
Thermal Carry Bag
Thermal Carry Bags have 178mm handles
Dido Carry Bag
Dido Carry Bags include a number of different pockets
Promotional Carry Bag
Promotional Carry Bags are premium quality.
Saturn Cooler Bag
With 33ml of capacity Saturn Cooler Bags are great for weekends.
Tote Cooler Bag
Tote Chiller Bags are easy care travel chiller bags.
Strap Handle Tote Bag
Strap Handle Tote Bags feature a four pocket accessory organiser.
Demeter Shopping Bag
Demeter Shopping Bags are made from 100 GSM premium non woven material
Coral Non Woven Bag
Coral Non Woven Bags include a business card holder
115gsm Laminated Tote
115gsm Laminated Totes are available in a black sheen.
Adelaide Shopping Bag
Adelaide Shopping Bags have large printing space for your company name and logo
Messenger Tote Bag
Messenger Tote Bags are manufactured from 80 gram non wove and water resistant polypropylene
Ramsay Bag
Ramsay Bags can be supplied in black, blue, green or red.
Foil Lined Lunch Bag
Foil Lined Lunch Bags feature a front pocket.
Capri Shopping Bag
Capri Shopping Bags are made from 80 GSM non woven polypropylene material
Shiny Finish Tote Bag
Shiny Finish Tote Bags are made from 115gsm laminated PP.
Personalised Suit Bag
Personalised Suit Bags have executive appeal and enough room to effectively promote your business and its message
Insulated Shopper Tote
Insulated Shopper Totes are recyclable and water resistant
Marsden Tote Bag
Marsden Tote Bags have 55cm handles and are insulated.

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