Leather Compendiums

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Leather Memo Pad Holder
Leather Memo Pad Holders are the A5 sized notepad covers that make effective promotional tradeshow items
from $19.34 to $13.97 ea
50 min qty
Bonded Leather Pad Cover
Bonded Leather Pad Covers come complete with writing pad and are ideal for screen printing your business advertising message
from $24.68 to $18.35 ea
25 min qty
A5 Conference Folder
A5 Conference Folders are made of quality leather bonded material
from $33.23 to $22.80 ea
25 min qty
3 Ring Conference Compendium
3 Ring Conference Compendiums feature a silver badge and can be customized with your corporate logo
from $33.68 to $26.00 ea
25 min qty
D Ring Handle Compendium
D Ring Handle Compendiums come in bonded leather and can be custom printed or engraved in the silver badge
from $36.68 to $28.84 ea
25 min qty
Black Compendium
Black Compendiums are great value for money conference pad holders to suit any company.
from $38.18 to $28.91 ea
25 min qty
Leather Memo and Pen Holder
Leather Memo and Pen Holders represent great value for money, these corporate pad covers also make unique business gifts
from $40.07 to $28.17 ea
25 min qty
Oaks Personal Compendium
Oaks Personal Compendiums are first class business accessories.
from $42.05 to $33.29 ea
25 min qty
Miami Folder
Miami Folders are excellent corporate gifts.
from $42.87 to $32.02 ea
25 min qty
Cambridge Leather Compendium
Cambridge Leather Compendiums are made from full grain leather in black.
from $46.92 to $33.63 ea
25 min qty
Dickens Portfolio
Dickens Portfolios are superior quality.
from $47.90 to $38.44 ea
25 min qty
A4 Corporate Compendium
A4 Corporate Compendiums are black bonded leather conference folders easily customised with your logo
from $49.31 to $39.68 ea
25 min qty
A5 Size Business Binder
A5 Size Business Binders are the high quality leather binders that are sure to leave clients with a stylish image of your company
from $49.92 to $31.64 ea
10 min qty
Personalised Compendium
Personalised Compendiums feature zippered closure and inside gusseted pockets
from $54.53 to $37.31 ea
25 min qty
Black Business Compendium
Black Business Compendiums are supplied in a quality non woven bag and box
from $54.90 to $44.60 ea
25 min qty
Seville Business Folder
Seville Business Folders are manufactured in bonded leather.
from $58.86 to $48.09 ea
25 min qty
Leighton Leather Compendium
Leighton Leather Compendiums feature a zippered closure.
from $65.97 to $49.95 ea
25 min qty
Corporate Conference Compendium
Corporate Conference Compendiums are high value promotional items to be used to promote your business brand to the public
from $70.40 to $47.48 ea
10 min qty
Florence Folder
Florence Folders are a popular business accessory.
from $71.78 to $59.45 ea
25 min qty
A4 Leather Note Pad Cover
A4 Leather Note Pad Covers are the high quality memo cases which are great for creating executive appeal
from $72.65 to $48.73 ea
10 min qty
A4 Leather Pad Cover
A4 Leather Pad Covers make excellent promotional leather pad cover
from $73.04 to $52.97 ea
25 min qty
Executive 3 Ring Compendium
Executive 3 Ring Compendiums packed with everything you need are great executive organizers to have custom branded
from $74.25 to $59.40 ea
25 min qty
Black Leather Compendium
Black Leather Compendiums are the ideal corporate xmas gift
from $82.25 to $59.90 ea
25 min qty
A4 Conference Folder
A4 Conference Folders are the top grade business binders that are perfect for tight promotional marketing budgets
from $95.43 to $65.87 ea
10 min qty
Promotional Compendium
Promotional Compendiums are executive compendiums
from $98.48 to $68.16 ea
10 min qty
Zippered Leather Satchel
Zippered Leather Satchels are the classic corporate portfolios which will make versatile promotional tools for your company
from $132.95 to $94.09 ea
10 min qty

Leather compendiums are stylish corporate gifts and are always well received when customised with and embossed logo. We have a great range of gifts that any executive would be happy to accept as a promotional product. Compendiums have multiple advertising opportunities to enhance the marketing of your business. With the possibility of laser engraving your brand on the top quality metal badge, or screen printed on the soft cow hide leather finish you can be sure these binders will promote your company.

A stylish leather compendium is the best value corporate product for your company. We have all different grades of leather so you should find an item within your budget. Businesses have been fighting for unique and effective promotional tools for years, and these custom compendiums are the original corporate product that stands out against the rest.