Pad Covers

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Sandoval Pad Cover
Branded Sandoval Pad Covers fit easily into a bag or backpack.
from $13.28 to $10.78 ea
50 min qty
Delegate Pad Cover
Promotional Delegate Pad Covers can be ordered with a choice of contrast colour trims.
from $14.67 to $11.56 ea
50 min qty
Carnegie Pad Cover
Carnegie Pad Covers are supplied packaged in a Marksman gift box.
from $15.68 to $13.59 ea
25 min qty
Lancaster A4 Koeskin Pad Cover
Promotional Lancaster A4 Koeskin Pad Covers can be digital or screen printed with your details.
from $16.93 to $13.36 ea
50 min qty
Leather Like A5 Note Cover
Leather Like A5 Note Covers aree the low price corporate compendiums that make a practical way to promote your company
from $18.07 to $14.00 ea
25 min qty
Walker A4 Pad Cover
Walker A4 Pad Covers can be printed with your logo on the cover.
from $18.65 to $13.73 ea
25 min qty
Leather Memo Pad Holder
Leather Memo Pad Holders are the A5 sized notepad covers that make effective promotional tradeshow items
from $21.20 to $16.88 ea
50 min qty
Stylish Business Folder
Stylish Business Folders feature one large internal pocket and a business card pocket
from $22.55 to $17.25 ea
25 min qty
Khao A4 Pad Cover
Add executive style to your daily workflow with the persnalised Khao A4 Pad Cover
from $27.93 to $21.39 ea
25 min qty
Nylon Business Compendium
Nylon Business Compendiums are available in grey or navy and feature a metal plate designed on the front cover
from $34.19 to $26.46 ea
25 min qty
Bonded Leather Notepad Cover
Custom Bonded Leather Notepad Covers are perfect to take to business meetings.
from $37.36 to $27.37 ea
25 min qty
Brooklyn Business Pad Cover
Brooklyn Business Pad Covers are budget priced.
from $43.06 to $35.50 ea
25 min qty

Our leather pad covers are ideal for the travelling sales executive as they all come with a lined notepad, business card holders and a pen loop. You can also add calculators to some of our pad covers as an optional choice. If you don’t want the expense of a compendium and all the extra features that come with them, pad covers are an ideal solution. We can do custom printing on all our pad covers or if you choose a leather pad cover we can also offer you the option of a custom embossed logo.